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    Animal Husbandry Statistics Division

    The Animal Husbandry Statistics Division of the Department conducts Integrated Sample Surveys to estimate productions of Major Livestock Products (MLP) viz. milk, egg, meat and wool. It also collects other livestock statistics in participation with State Governments and other Central departments/organizations concerned with development of the Livestock Sector. The sample survey is conducted from March to February. The “Technical Committee on Direction for Improvement of Animal Husbandry Statistics (TCD)” constituted under the chairmanship of Director General, Central Statistics Office, Ministry of Statistics &Programme Implementation, guides the Department in implementation of the ISS scheme. Directors of Animal Husbandry/Sheep Husbandry of all the States/UTs, Directors of Directorate of Economics & Statistics (DE&S) of 4 selected States, representatives of CSO & NSSO, Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, representative of Directorate of Economics & Statistics (DE&S), Ministry of Agriculture, representative from Ministry of Rural Development and representatives from other independent agencies such as National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), Anand, NDRI, IASRI and Indian Statistical Institute are the members of the Committee. States/UTs compiles season-wise as well as annual estimates of MLP which are discussed and finalized based on the recommendations of TCD in every year.

    District wise and Breed wise population
    Basic Animal Husbandry Statistics
    Integrated Sample Survey